Pacu Jawi I

Pacu Jawi – I

This is the first photo of a serie of 4.
Every year in the West Sumatra, in the Minangkabau highlands, to celebrate the end of the rice harvest is held a traditional bull race: the Pacu Jawi (literally “race cow”). This unique sport takes place in muddy fields, at least 5 men are needed to bring the cows in position, the jockey stands on the two cows’ plows and grab their tail. As the men release the beasts, our jockey keeps his balance by skiing on the plows, and bites the tails to gain speed. Of course, it happens the cows run in opposite directions, giving the jockey the opportunity to perform a beautiful face plant in the mud.
The difficulty for the photographer (me) is to stand in front of the raging bulls speeding in my direction as I am filling up my memory cards. I’ll explain all that with the next photo 😉