Pacu Jawi II

Pacu Jawi – II

How to take pictures of those cows sprinting with all their speed and power towards you? Easy, stand in front of them!
I gave all my stuff to my fiancée, and all I have is a t-shirt, my cargo shorts, the 40D and the 70-200mm. I’m standing naked feet, my right leg is deep in the mud of the rice field, up until a bit below my knee and my left one is on the dry dirt of the bank. I am pretty sure I am going to get wet and covered in mud.
When the first cows arrives right on me, I’m shooting in burst mode, ready to get out of their way. One thing is certain: if I don’t move, they will run me over! The message having being received loud and clear, I shoot until my self-preservation instinct tells me to get out of there! Pushing on my left leg to get my right one out of mud, I just have the time to step one meter away from the rice field and turn around to protect my camera from the mud projections. Once the cows have passed, I’m back in position, because I’m not the only photographer around and I have a pretty cool spot!