Pacu Jawi IV

Pacu Jawi – IV

Early in the morning we left Maninjao on scooters and drove about 2 hours. We arrive quite early on the celebration place, enough time for us to enjoy a bakso soup and to find the right spot from where to take the pictures.
A quick look shows us there is high probability the cows will run towards where we are standing, after giving all my stuff to my fiancee (read part 2), we took place and waited for the show to start. It was a good thing to arrive early as most of the field is surrounded by locals and photographers.
This day I took 1300 pictures, it was full of emotions for me to see this show, to be mainly among locals (very few tourists), and I enjoyed a lot Al’s company and the stories about his country and his culture. I fell only once getting out of the mud in hurry, a tiny scratch on my elbow but the photo gear survived, and I did not take a cow in the face which is a very good thing!