Hello there!
So, since you're here, I take it you'd like to know more about me. Ok, then picture a regular guy, 41 years old, with a beard, born and raised in France, who traveled a bit around the world, lived in the Netherlands for about 4 years and is now living in Germany. Done? Well, that's me!
Professionally I turn cups of coffee into thousands of lines of code on a daily basis for software or web applications, and this is something I enjoy a lot!

Now, about photography, because that's why you're here I believe... or if you were looking for a tiramisu recipe you came to the wrong place!
I always loved traveling, seeing new places, meeting cultures and people, learning a handful of words in a foreign language, living an adventure. And for me, photography is just the cherry on top of the cake if I can bring back home and print a couple of pictures.
My baby steps were done with a Sony DSC-H1, I learnt the basic of photography and I loved it. I then bought a Canon 350D and discovered the DSLR world.
After a couple years I purchased a Canon 40D which I brought pretty much everywhere in the world, and I finally moved on a full-frame when I bought my lovely Canon 6D.
Today, the passion is as strong as the first day, even more maybe! The difference is that now I try to shoot less but better!
Well, that's it! Thank you for reading me, and thank you for visiting this website.
Sincerely yours, Amicalement, met vriendelijke groeten, mit Freundlichen Grüßen,
Sylvain Perenes
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